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A Comprehensive Guide To Natural Remedies For Insomnia

Insomnia is the inability to obtain a good night’s sleep with having trouble falling asleep, unable to have continued sleep, or waking up feeling tired or unrefreshed. This problem does not usually go away on its own unless you make lifestyle changes. Sleeping pills are only a short-term remedy and there are other risks associated with taking drugs. The absence of gaining enough rest with sleep will interfere with the person’s ability to perform simple tasks and cause feelings of fatigue. Disturbed sleep can lead to health-related conditions like weight gain, problems with memory, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, impaired judgment, and low metabolism. Before resorting to sleeping pills or other aids, try to determine the cause of insomnia with a thorough analysis of your lifestyle habits from your physician. Natural sleeping aids are more effective in curing Insomnia. Take a glance at some of the highly potent natural insomnia cures listed below.

Sleep Better With Natural Aids

Natural aids for sleeping troubles are better in many ways over modern medicine. They come with minimal to zero side effects and are effective in taking care of all your sleep needs. Drugs have the potential to develop tolerance, addiction, withdrawal symptoms, rebound insomnia, drug interactions, and side effects like drowsiness and disorientation. Besides, drugs are only a short-term remedy for severe insomnia. Pills may provide relief from sleeplessness, but they do not cure the cause of the problem. Natural sleep aids, including herbal remedies and supplements, are relatively safer. Consult with your healthcare provider as the first step to understanding your sleep disorder problem and then decide on the treatment that would work best for you. We offer a brief insight into natural aids that can promote good sleep.

Potent Natural Insomnia Cures

Any of the suggested natural remedies can be tried as they are highly potent in treating insomnia before resorting to pill-based therapy.

  • Extracts from the herbal Valerian is the go-to natural remedy that is effective in inducing sleep. The root of this plant can be consumed as an herbal tea or as supplements. Valerian is potent in promoting sleep as it has the properties to calm the nerves. It is the perfect natural remedy for a sound restful sleep.
  • Hops is another natural remedy that has sedative and calming properties. Drinking a cup of hops-infused tea or taking it in supplementary capsule form can soon soothe your mind into sleep. It is sometimes used in combination with Valerian in effectively tackling insomnia.
  • Melatonin is the hormone secreted in the brain that promotes restful sleep. One can take melatonin supplements or follow a diet that consists of melatonin production boosting foods like barley, orange, pineapple, banana, oats, and rice. Considerable levels of Melatonin will ensure that you receive the right of sleep.
  • Chamomile tea is a great natural sleep aid that is known worldwide for its muscle relaxant properties. Drinking one cup at night will help you to unwind and relax at the end of day, thereby promoting restful sleep.
  • Lavender oil, cream or other extracts are used extensively in aromatherapy as it helps you relax to such an extent that you are likely to drift to sleep. Choose a method of using lavender that is best suited for you in inducing sleep.
  • Follow a diet that restricts the consumption of sugar and caffeine as they can keep you awake for longer periods.
  • Practice relaxation techniques like meditation and yoga that help your mind to calm down whenever you need it to, especially in falling asleep naturally.

Herbal supplements should not be consumed along with drugs as they can combine to adversely react in the body. Enjoy restful sleep with these natural methods.

Natural remedies for sound sleep

It is extremely grueling when you are awake on the bed struggling to get some sleep. You become desperate to get some rest so as to get going smoothly the next day. It’s a red flag if you face this inability to fall asleep on a regular basis and often feel the urge to pop a pill to induce yourself to sleep. To alleviate the sleep distress you are going through, you might opt for some fast inducing sleeping pills. Yet if this becomes a practice for you, then you need to understand that you are suffering from an underlying health consequence, a sleep disorder termed as Insomnia. Choosing to redress your sleep with the support of natural sleep aiding pills is a good idea.

Below are few of the highly effective natural sleep aid pills.

Magnesium and calcium

These are highly effective sleep boosters and when taken together become as a very powerful sleep inducers. Consuming magnesium eliminates potential heart problems that could possibly arise due to the intake of calcium alone. One can take around 200 milligrams of magnesium and 600 milligrams of calcium every night to have an undisturbed sleep. The dosage can be decreased if it causes diarrhea.


This is an amino acid that is being extracted from green tea which not only helps in inducing sleep but is also good for health. This makes your brain to get relaxed and stay calm thereby enabling long sleep hours during the night. Get pure active L-theanine and consume 50 to 200 milligrams of it before you sleep. Be wary of the inactive forms of theanine that are not very effective.


This is a very famous yet very effective product used to treat insomnia. Valerian not only improves your sleep but also enhances the quality of sleep with increased sleep hours. Consuming around 200 to 800 milligrams of valerian is considered ideal to have a good night’s sleep. However, the dosage can be altered as per one’s body reactions or sleep disorder conditions.

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