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Natural sleep Aids


Gone are the days when people used to consume sleep medications for experiencing a proper sleep. Though it guarantees sound sleep, it has its own share of side effects. And, that’s the reason why there is a substantial increase in the number of people depending on natural sleep aids. Along with these, there are several natural sleep remedies, which when practiced could enhance the sleep pattern. With natural sleep aids, one can improve the sleep pattern in a sustained manner and can also experience long-lasting relief from sleep disorder condition. However, that’s not the case with artificial sleep enhancing pill. It offers relief only for a limited period time until the medicinal ingredients stay in the bloodstream. In most cases, it is the prevalence of technology, stress and hydrated drinks that contribute to sleeplessness in an individual. Sleep is enhanced when there is an increase in the levels of neurotransmitter melatonin. Below we highlight the three effective natural sleep remedies.

Human beings long and crave for many things and the most beautiful hypothesis is that certain yearnings are identical in nature amidst the Homo sapiens. Why is it so? Though there is a sweeping difference in our aspirations and desires influencing the longings, it is the basic desires that are indistinguishable among the human beings. And one such craving is for a peaceful sleep. Be it an intellectual, avid researcher, or an astronaut- the quest for sleep remains the same and never diminishes. Sleep is a blissful experience that refreshes our minds and unleashes proactiveness in our inner self. Unfortunately, this sleep cannot be experienced by many due to various reasons, which indeed is very disturbing. is an initiative of several like-minded sleep experts with a motive to serve insomnia affected people by suggesting the best of natural sleep aids.

The two crucial tips that can ensure proper sleep

Getting a proper sleep in the current competitive world is very hard. There are many techniques to get a proper sleep either by medications or by natural remedies. Let’s discuss some crucial points that can ensure you a proper sleep.

1. Bring down the consumption of caffeine

Many have inherited the consumption of caffeine right from the childhood. Nonetheless, it adds fire to our weakened spirits by refreshing our minds. The flip side of caffeine is that it stays in the body for about five hours, which according to health experts is a prolonged duration. Caffeine impacts the sleeping pattern of an individual extensively. When it is consumed during bed time it considerably increases the sleep latency.

2. Bid adieu to smoking

Get a chance to converse with smokers, and you will hear the unpleasant fact that they are battling severe sleep disorder condition. Nicotine, the principal ingredient in the cigarette is basically a stimulant that adversely affects the sleep pattern due to the influence it causes in the human brains. Several research findings have highlighted the fact that smokers are more likely to feel tired the next day morning, as they couldn’t afford to have a sound sleep.


Natural sleep Aids

There are many natural techniques that can help you get a proper sleep. Let us discuss some of the natural remedies to get a good sleep

a. Cherry Juice


Cherry juice is one of the best natural sleep enhancers since it contains tryptophan, an amino acid known for fast-reacting properties. Tryptophan plays a crucial role in the conversion process of serotonin, which again acts a catalyst for the conversion of melatonin. Once the melatonin levels are restored there is a substantial increase in the sleep-wake cycle. Perhaps, it also functions by decreasing the body temperature and influencing the central nervous system.

b. Eat melatonin-rich foods


Cherry and banana are the two melatonin-rich foods. Though melatonin is available as a medical supplement, it is also found naturally in the form of bananas and cherries. Cherries contain excess tryptophan content, which is further processed into melatonin through metabolization process. Bananas are highly rich in potassium, magnesium, and tryptophan. All these elements are considered to be the best muscle-relaxants. Eat banana an hour before going to bed and relax your muscles in order to experience an uninterrupted sleep.

Melatonin acts as the best natural sleep aid

A peaceful and contented sleep is essential for every individual to make their day go well. When people are troubled falling asleep, then all their activities and moods are hindered and it might take a long time to get back on track. A good thing is that this sleep disorder in people could be controlled by taking the assistance of certain sleep aids that will help you to restore your sleep and make you feel refreshed and energized. The inability to fall asleep and have a regular sleep breakdown and sleepless nights are referred to as insomnia.

What is Melatonin?

The pineal gland at the center of the human brain produces a hormone called melatonin. The body’s circadian rhythm is being regulated by melatonin. These circadian rhythms form the sleep-wake cycle in an individual. During bedtime, the melatonin content in the blood is at peak.

How melatonin helps in inducing sleep

Melatonin improves sleep and reduces the time that it takes for you to fall asleep. Further, melatonin also increases the feelings of sleepiness, by decreasing sleep latency. Supplements of melatonin are used to treat jet lag for persons who are in long travel. Sleep begins more inviting when the pineal gland produces melatonin that in turn is released into the blood. This happens only during the dark time say in the evening or at night time. These melatonin levels stay for about 12 hours in the body thus enabling the person to have a sound sleep.

How much melatonin to take?

Studies show that melatonin as little as 0.1 to 0.3 milligrams is sufficient for most people. While for others, fast-release melatonin is more effective than the slow-release formulas. Melatonin is mostly safe and can be consumed for a certain period till the sleep cycle is regulated to normal.

c. Drink a glass of warm milk

Drink a glass of warm milk

The exact ability of milk to induce sleep hasn’t been completely ascertained yet. However, the ability of milk to induce sleep can be attributed to the amino acid tryptophan contained in it. One glass of warm milk calms down the nerves, and induces relaxed feelings, thereby soothing the mind. The effect of which one can unwind themselves both physically and mentally. Drink milk 30 minutes before going to bed. It is advised to turn off all your electronic gadgets and soak yourself in the serene and dark ambiance. Warm the milk slightly to a temperature with which you feel comfortable to drink.

d. Kratom


Kratom is a tropical herb that has proven effects on the variety of ailments and disorders. The herb has proven effects over insomnia. The plant helps with better quality sleep. The substance is consumed based on the need. To help with sleep disorder Kratom is consumed in moderate dosage. The alkaloid Mitragynine helps with inducing of sleep. It is one of the most common alkaloids available in the Kratom plant. Proper dosages before sleep could guarantee a great sleep. However, because of the psycho-active trait, the plants possess; the dosages need to consult with a doctor before consumption. The herb can be consumed in the form of powder, capsules, extracts. Pure Kratom is available online with Kratom Top vendors online.

e. Valerian


Though its effectiveness has not been scientifically established, Valerian is the most popular natural sleep supplement consumed by many affected by insomnia till this date. In many instances, doctors advise people to consume valerian along with some other supplements to enhance the effectiveness of the pill. However, a certain degree of caution has to be exercised while availing this sleep aid. Do check the composition of the sleep aid and confirm its veracity.

However, if any underlying health conditions are such as excruciating pain is causing you to stay awake during the night, you can buy tramadol online to combat pain and get instant relief.

Cognitive behavioral therapy for Insomnia

The two primary cognitive behavioral therapies for insomnia comprise of ensuring sleep hygiene and, establishing control over the stimulus. As far as sleep hygiene is concerned, individuals are recommended to fall asleep at the same time every day and stick on to a proper waking up a pattern. With regards to stimulus control, insomnia affected people should ensure a calm and serene environment that induces sleep without any disturbance. Even when these natural sleep aids fail, trying out sleeping pills like ambien for insomnia can be beneficial. Ambien has worked wonders for patients diagnosed with insomnia worldwide. Physicians often prescribe this drug which can be easily purchased from renowned online pharmacies, which provides quality drugs at a discounted price in a hassle-free manner.

Fast-reacting sleep aids

It is sleep that refreshes and enables us to renew our minds and thoughts on a daily basis. Lack of sleep for a continued period of time negatively impacts our mental well-being and lowers our spirits. Sleep can be induced with the help of sleep aids, both natural and artificial. However, it depends on the severity of sleep disorder condition and the magnitude of the impact it has on one’s daily functioning. Though natural sleep aids are powerful, it is unleashed slow reaction in certain body types. But that’s not the case with medications like taking Ambien, which reacts rapidly in the blood vessels thus triggering the hypnotic effects instantly.

The medications route for Curing Insomnia

For some, insomnia might be extremely daunting. In fact, their daily course of life would have been shattered to a greater extent. At such circumstances, the need of the hour is to experience a restful sleep by consuming the right sleeping pill. Despite thousands of sleep aids flooding the market, there are only two sleeping pills namely Ambien and Imovane that offers a glimmer of hope to insomnia affected individuals, as they are capable of increasing the transmission around the neurotransmitter GABA, through which a sound sleep is guaranteed. People can buy ambien online without prescription easily from the best online pharmacy at a very cheap price. Though it is called as a sedative, it doesn’t cause any adverse effects as such.

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